Tsain-Ko Group of Companies

Tsain-Ko Development Corporation (“TKDC”) is the parent company of the shíshálh Nation’s economic development arm and is comprised of a number of corporations and limited partnerships involved in carrying out its four primary economic functions:  Natural Resources, Commercial Properties, Employment and Training, and Business Support.

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Sunshine Coast’s Leading Development Company

The companies that TKDC manages include: Tsain-Ko Village Shopping Centre LP, Tsain-Ko Forestry LP, Tsain-Ko Blue Run of River LP, Tsain-Ko Run of River Access LP, Tsain-Ko Properties LP, and Tsain-Ko Services LP.

As responsible stewards of the land, Tsain-Ko Forestry supports the shíshálh Nation’s stewardship goals and requirements for the harvest of timber and preservation of the land base within the territory.

Tsain-Ko Shopping Centre

Tsain-Ko Village Shopping Centre boasts extensive First Nations artwork including five totem poles that grace the entrance to the mall. With more than 65,000 square feet of retail space, the mall is home to a variety of stores, restaurants, and services.  Beginning in late 2018, the expansion of Phase 3 will add another 36,000 square feet to the centre.

Please visit Tsain-Ko’s website for more information or call: (604) 885-3504.