shíshálh Nation tems swiya Museum: CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

The tems swiya Museum is located at 5555 Sunshine Coast Highway, beside the Raven’s Cry Theatre.

The museum delights visitors throughout the year with a large collection of artifacts including many cedar baskets, stone tools and a 3500 year old mortuary stone.

Contact Information
  • Toll Free: 1.866.885.2275 / Phone: 885-6012
  • 5555 Sunshine Coast Highway
  • Hours: The museum is closed until further notice.
Contact the shíshálh Nation

Last year the museum unveiled a digital face reconstruction of a high status shíshálh family, estimated to be 4,000 years old. The exhibition is called, ‘kw’enusitsht tems stutula which means, Face to Face with our ancestors. This exhibition took three years of work to construct and was a collaboration between the shíshálh Nation, Canadian Museum of History, and the University of Toronto.

Museum tours, long house tours and a local totems tour is available to visitors. Please contact the tems swiya Museum curator Raquel Joe for more information at (604) 885-6012) or email: