shishalh Nation and Renewal Development in partnership with Wesgroup Properties Announce Nation Housing Project

[SECHELT, B.C.] The shishalh Nation and Renewal Development, with support from Wesgroup Properties, are excited to announce a sustainable and affordable housing project where 10 homes are being repurposed for the Nation.

On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Nation and Renewal Development start trucking and then barging homes that were previously slotted for demolition from Port Moody to Sechelt. Once in place, the homes will be renovated and upgraded to be more energy-efficient.

“The shishalh Nation’s main goal is to provide new homes for our members on Nation lands,” said lhe hiwus (Chief)  Lenora Joe. “We are thrilled to work with Renewal Development on this innovative form of sustainable housing and to pave the way for other Indigenous Nations looking for answers to their own housing needs.”

The project began a year ago when Renewal approached Wesgroup with a responsible building removal solution. Wesgroup had acquired 59 single-family homes that were slated to be demolished as part of Wesgroup’s Inlet District redevelopment in Port Moody.

Renewal assessed the homes and found ten that were ideal candidates for this project. An agreement was signed earlier this year for the homes to be purchased by the shishalh Nation.

“Every year, 2,700 homes are demolished across Metro Vancouver. We estimate up to 700 of these homes are in perfectly good condition and should be rescued, relocated, and repurposed as affordable low-carbon housing for communities in need. To the best of our knowledge, a project of this scale, using these partnerships and processes, has never happened before here in the Pacific Northwest,” said Glyn Lewis, CEO and Founder of Renewal Development. “We thank the shishalh Nation for their trail-blazing leadership and Wesgroup for demonstrating the possibilities of responsible development.”

The homes will be upgraded once they’re in Sechelt, with Renewal Development leading the renovation project. Wesgroup Properties provided the homes, as well as funds and project management support to help lower the relocation cost for the Nation.

“Wesgroup is always looking for ways to reduce construction waste and enhance the sustainability of our developments,” said Dean Johnson, Vice President of Development at Wesgroup Properties. “We are happy to partner with the shishalh Nation and Renewal Development to give these homes a second life in a new community.”

The total project is slated to be completed by the end of the year. These 10 homes are part of Phase 1 of the Nation’s Selma Park subdivision project.

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About shishalh Nation

The swiya of the shishalh people lies between Queens Reach in lekw’emin (Jervis Inlet) and Howe Sound on the south coast of British Columbia. Historically there were four main settlements at kalpilin (Pender Harbour), ts’unay (Deserted Bay), xenichen (head of lekw’emin) and tewankw near alhtulich (Porpoise Bay).

shishalh Nation is committed to innovation in program and service delivery designed to assist our members and community to achieve greater independence, wellness, and self-sufficiency. Foundational to our shared work is the protection, promotion, and practice of shishalh culture, language, and laws within our swiya.

About Renewal Development

Renewal Development are leaders in rescuing and repurposing single-family homes from urban to non-urban communities. Established in 2020, we lead the industry with our innovative approach, leveraging insights from our pilot projects to create the Home Relocation and Repurposing Program (HRRP). Since 2022, we’ve revolutionized the sector by introducing cutting-edge initiatives, such as advanced mapping technologies and affordable housing partnerships. With a focus on sustainability and community engagement, Renewal is reshaping the future of affordable low-carbon housing for communities in need.

About Wesgroup Properties

Wesgroup Properties is one of Western Canada’s largest private real estate organizations. From homes and master-planned communities to commercial spaces and town centres, we develop, build, own and manage premier commercial and residential properties that set new standards in quality, user experience and environmental responsibility. We are a vertically integrated company that encompasses construction, land acquisition, finance, design, leasing, marketing, sales, and property management. Our mission is to connect people with genuine opportunities that enrich their daily lives. Since our founding in 1956, we have created over 100 communities all across the Lower Mainland.

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