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About our Nation

The swiya of the shíshálh people lies between Queens Reach in lekw’emin (Jervis Inlet) and Howe Sound on the south coast of British Columbia. Historically there were four main settlements at kalpilin (Pender Harbour), ts’unay (Deserted Bay), xenichen (head of lekw’emin) and tewankw near alhtulich (Porpoise Bay).

shíshálh Nation is committed to innovation in program and service delivery designed to assist our members and community to achieve greater independence, wellness and self-sufficiency. Foundational to our shared work is the protection, promotion and practice of shíshálh culture, language and laws within our swiya.

To learn more about the shíshálh Nation please visit our pages on the tems swiya museum, culture, language and our Elders.


The shíshálh Nation community is guided by its elders. To learn more, please follow the link below.



The sashishalhem language is the traditional language spoken by the shíshálh Nation which is a Coast Salish dialect. To learn the sashishalhem language, please visit the language page to listen to our audio files of beginner words and phrases.


The shíshálh people have a distinct language and a unique world view. Our people have always maintained a strong connection to one another as people and to the land and continue to practise our traditions such as harvesting and fishing. The Culture Department’s goal is to revitalize culture and language through cultural programming and activities.

tems swiya Museum

Our museum delights visitors throughout the year with a large collection of artifacts including cedar baskets, stone tools and a 3500 old mortuary stone. Tours available.

Open Monday to Friday 9-4:00 p.m.

5555 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Sechelt, BC

Our Language

The she shashishalhem language is the traditional language spoken by the shíshálh Nation which is a Coast Salish dialect.

Browse our language page to listen to samples of the she shashishalhem language.

Professional Services Division

The shíshálh Nation is controlled by strict financial policies. Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Contact us by following the link below. The Administration Department oversees the day-to-day operations of the shíshálh Nation government. If you would like to contact us with any questions or concerns, please follow the link below.