shíshálh Nation Rejects Misleading, Inflammatory, and Disrespectful Comments

shíshálh Nation Lands (Sechelt, BC) – shíshálh Nation (shíshálh) is aware of recent posts circulating on social media which, among other things, show a confrontational sign affixed to the shíshálh longhouse located within what is referred to as Garden Bay Marine Park. The posts are accompanied by disturbing comments which include untrue and misleading statements about the shíshálh swiya Dock Management Plan, and inflammatory and disrespectful statements about shíshálh and shíshálh people.

“We are disappointed, reject these posts, and denounce the inflammatory and disrespectful comments and defacement of shíshálh’s longhouse in the strongest terms,” said Chief (lhe hiwus) Lenora Joe. “The objective of the shíshálh swiya Dock Management Plan is to protect and restore the environment while allowing for thoughtful and focused dock development. The plan arises from the fact that huge damage has been done to cultural resources, fisheries, and the environment throughout shíshálh swiya by hundreds of docks. The plan was developed over a decade based on existing standards, advice from third party experts, and our knowledge keepers. We have been implementing the plan for some time and we know it works. The plan is one measure to begin to decrease the impact of docks on the precious resources we all hold dear, resources that future generations will rely upon.”

Reconciliation is hard and it takes courage. Discussion around the shíshálh swiya Dock Management Plan has clearly shown that a lot of education is still needed, and we need to collectively reject attitudes that are racist or hateful.

shíshálh will be taking immediate action by reaching out to our partners within the provincial government to coordinate an effective and appropriate response. We will review and consider what the public has submitted and will then work on a government-to-government path to chart a way forward focused on the goals of the plan – protection of cultural resources, fisheries, and the environment.

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For more information contact:
lhe hiwus (Chief) Lenora Joe at 604.885.2273