Rights and Title Department

“We, the shíshálh Nation, openly and publicly declare that we have Aboriginal Title and Aboriginal Rights to our Territory, including the lands, waters, and resources that have been ours since time immemorial.  We have been given the responsibility from the Creator to care for our Territory.  Our Territory sustains our people, maintains our indigenous way of life, and is integral to our identity as shíshálh.  We have always governed ourselves and our Territory, and have never relinquished our authority or jurisdiction over such.  We assert our collective right to live as a distinct people.”


A self-reliant and independent shíshálh Nation governing the land and resources of our territory consistent with our culture and way of life.


shíshálh Nation is a governing entity responsible for the stewardship and protection of the shíshálh people’s relationship to the lands and resources of our territory. We undertake this work in a manner which enhances our way of life, maximizes our people’s self-sufficiency, and respects our customary laws, the exercising of our Title and Rights, international legal standards, and the common law.

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